Our Services

We transform your vision into reality, curating spaces that surpass expectations.


At Janard Studio, we strive to create architecture that can inspire and enhance the well being of its inhabitants and promote balance with its environment. We believe architects are charged with the responsibility of creating spaces that complement their sites, and thoroughly fulfill their purpose while upholding a dedication to environmental, social, and community concerns.

Interior Design

Our experienced teams, in collaboration with premier artisans and suppliers, bring an exclusive range of luxury furnishings, woodwork, accessories, and art to life. Through careful detailing and flawless execution, we sculpt spaces that redefine the pinnacle of luxury and comfort, transforming the expected into the extraordinary.

Landscape Design

We are a team of ecological landscape designers who are passionate about creating stunning outdoor spaces that are also sustainable and thriving ecosystems. We blend the lines between your home and the nature around it, taking a holistic approach to design that balances form and function with both aesthetics and environmental impact. Our designers have backgrounds in landscape design, horticulture, and architecture and can help you transform your home and surroundings into harmonious ecosystems.

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